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Custom tile murals, Luxury tile, Tile art … we have hand painted, the beauty of Italian art on ceramic tiles.

We have hand painted, the beauty of Italian art on ceramic tiles that will make your home more unique: handmade Italian tiles, artistic ceramic for landscape tiles, hand painted kitchen backsplash, accent tiles, decorative tiles …

Hi, I’m Giovanni Senatore, Production Manager and Owner of Italian Tile Mural Store . Luxury Art Landscape, Handmade italian Tiles , Backsplash for Kitchen, Accent Tiles, Decorative Tile Art,  and Baths Tile …

Giovanni Senatore
Giovanni Senatore

Thank you for showing interest in my products, and this gives me so much joy and satisfaction.

I would like to work for you right away, to customize your home.
Excuse me if I speak to you confidentially, but it is very important to give you an idea of ​​the person you are giving your trust and money.

I work to generate profit that is used for normal existence (education, children, travel, etc.). In addition, I believe that the satisfaction of my “friend” customer is more important than just earning.

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