Volcanic Outdoor Table with Iron Base | Amalfi lemons


Italian Volcanic Outdoor Table with Iron Base – lemon design on blue background.

Italian Volcanic Outdoor Table with Iron Base | Amalfi lemons design on blue background.

This beautiful and virtually indestructible volcanic garden table is harder than granite, is all-weather and made to last a lifetime. These tables are tough and made to last lifetimes in harsh weather, but they look great inside too.

Our hand painted garden stone tables are pieces of Art, strong and functional. Our Master Artists make volcanic stone tables from lava rock. The process starts in the volcanic stone quarry where they cut the lava rock slabs. After the glazing, with a lot of care for details, paint by hand the table tops and then fired them at 1.900°F to fix the colors.

The lava stone tables, are used to furnish lounges or gardens with the utmost elegance. Furthermore, weather conditions such as rain, wind and wear will not be able to scratch their surfaces. Each table is unique not only in the strokes of the artisan’s paintbrush but also in the very nature of the materials used to create these works of art. Each Italian table is a masterpiece of heirloom quality and no two are alike. The entirely hand-painted ceramic glaze on these Italian tables is baked directly onto the surface of the solid stone slab. In this way, the tabletop is sealed and made resistant to frost, fading and extremely easy to clean.


20 inches, 23.5 inches, 31.5 inches, 35.4 inches, 39 inches


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