Amalfi Coast Art Tiles | Backsplash Mural | Landscape


Artwork on Tile – Amalfi Coast Art Tile Backsplash Mural Landscape is a italian hand painted mosaic panel of tiles 27.5×27.5 inches.

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Amalfi Coast Art Tiles | Backsplash Mural | Landscape

Amalfi CoastArt Tiles :  is a italian hand painted mosaic panel of tiles 70×70 cm, approx. 27.5×27.5 inches. 

The collage consist of 49 tiles each at 10×10 cm, 4×4 inches.

The artwork is hand drawn onto the tiles with a soft pencil and then hand painted.
After decorating it, each piece is baked once again at constant temperature between 920/950 degrees Celsius for about 10 hours where the colors are sealed in permanently, they will not fade or wash away making your art incredibly durable. Once colors reach their maturity level the kiln is brought back down to room temperature for unloading. These tiles can be set the same way as a traditional generic tile using Tile Mastic or Thinset Mortar.
Tile Mastic can be used for any walls where moisture is not prevalent like Kitchen walls, Kitchen backsplashes, Bathroom backsplashes and Bathroom walls.
Thinset Mortar includes all of the above as well as Shower walls, Bathroom floors, Bathroom walls, Kitchen floors and Kitchen countertops and all exterior floors.

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