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Our beautiful hand painted ceramics, on sale in our tile mural store, are traditionally used to cover the walls. Are ceramic tiles good for the kitchen backsplash? Our tiles are used in the finishing of kitchens, bathrooms, floors, swimming pools, fountains, fireplaces, tables and outdoor barbecues. Add personality to your bathroom, kitchen or fireplace with our decorative tile murals.

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Picasso Style 7 Mural Accent Tile - Luxury Tile Art Ceramic

Accent Tiles

If you’re hesitant to spend a huge amount of money to fully tile your kitchen or bathroom, our accent tiles are the right choise.

Backsplash Tile Green Wind Rose Nautical Decor Tile Art Ceramic

Windrose and Nautical Star

Ours tile mosaics include tile murals of Windrose and Nautical Decor theme tiles, tile with Pirates, Antique Style Compass Rose.

Volcanic Outdoor Tables by Italian Tile Mural Store

Volcanic Outdoor Tables

These garden tables are tough and made to last lifetimes in harsh weather, but they look great inside too.

100% Original Italian Artwork

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Tile Mural Store | Hand Painted Italian Tiles

Our customers talk about “Italian Tile Mural Store “

I just received my tiles; my package was thoughtfully packed and on time. The tiles are every bit as clear, colorful, and bright as pictured. I am very happy and looking forward to placing them, at which time i will send a photo! As you can see, my “Sun Goddess” is now up and running, just the happiest, quirkiest addition to my cooking space !

Thank you so much!


We are so pleased with our mural ! The colors are vibrant and the detail work is spot on. We love Pozzuoli, Italy, and wanted something special to use in our kitchen backsplash remodel, this is perfect ! I asked the artist, Giovanni, to customize the painting to include some of the prominent landmarks in Pozzuoli and Naples, we were so pleased to see Vesuvio and Rione Terra included in the piece. This mural will bring back wonderful memories of our time in the quaint little town of Pozzuoli. Thank you so much!

Tile Mural Store | Hand Painted Italian Tiles
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